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Live Out Pair Valencia - Story1

Five years ago Cristina started her company. She had an opening conversation with a cousin about her having aupairs. Immediately she wanted to start a business after that and convinced a friend of her she needed to join. After convincing her they talked about owning a flat for students, for the future aupaurs. So that they can live inside the flat while having their own privacy, in exhange for looking after the child(ren) of the family. Without that conversation with her cousin nothing would have started.

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When we had our first Aupair, we were very excited. First we showed her her flat after which she could settle down quietly. Then we introduced her to the family whose children she will be caring for. So each aupair has her own flat with a private room where they have all the privacy. Also, each aupair works around thirty hours a week, but during the weekends, she can arrange her own time to explore Valencia. Normally, each family has its own activities with the children, which also applies to the aupair. Only when the aupair is in serious circumstances is he or she allowed to call in certain situations.

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